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Foie con oporto y mermelada de nísperos

70 ml de cognac o brandy 0,65 € 100 of white port (i like the flavor of red port, but you risk that foie color contribution and look undercooked when you really are on your point. still i prefer. you can also use muscatel wine) 0,68 € for the jam: 500 g medlars 1,20 € 150 g sugar 0,12 € (if the fruit is very acidic, you can add a little more sugar but never more than half the weight of loquat fruit because a lot of sugar) 1 lemon 0,12 € total 16,18 € which divided between 4 generous portions exits 4,04 €. for that price in a restaurant or a couch, so 'to eat foie duck at home! equipment: oven plate glass or ceramic suitable for the oven mortar for grinding spices molde (i used one with a triangle) pairing: with this dish the voy to recommend a red wine that you like my taste more tomarlo. this is one of my favorite wines of bodegas lópez de heredia. wine tondonia reserva de 2002. to give a tribute and not fail. the price 20,40 €. preparation 1. thaw in the refrigerator for foie 24 hours. half an hour before starting to prepare it out of the fridge. 2. to denervarlo (cleaning of veins), you have to separate the two lobes looking midrib joining the two lobes and with a knife or scissors to cut. use of latex gloves by, but you can do it with your hands directly. 3. start with the large lobe, palpating where the vein is.
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